Several channels, a solution

The multi-channel MGS platform allows you to take control of the entire cycle of your communication, allowing you to deliver the right message, to the right moment, and via the right channel.

The management of all your flows is done from a single platform.

The MGS multichannel platform

Your customers are often on the move, and are active across multiple channels.
 From a single platform, manage …

icone envoi chorus

Chorus sending

icone envoi mail

Email sending

icone archivage


icone envoi sms

SMS sending

icone impression et routage

Printing and routing

An unique platform for all your flows

multichannel platform

One platform, one interface that allows you to manage your paper flow, email flow or even your SMS flow.

This platform adapt itself to your needs. Whether it’s a manual deposit by an user or the automatic deposit of your business software, the MGS platform integrate the data, analyze, process and route it for archiving.

Each step is historically recorded, each action is traced, you have a complete overview over your treated data.

plateforme multicanal mgs

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